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M is for Motivation (A-Z challenge)

One thing many writers often struggle with is motivation – I know I do!

This can be caused by any number of things, from not having time to write, being busy with other things or simply not feeling inspired.

Motivation is something I often lack when I’m trying to write novels and articles. Some days I just don’t feel like writing anything even when I know I should.

So here are a few tips t help get you motivated:

  • Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by word counts or how long something takes. Writing takes time and it’s best not to rush it.
  • Going to a writing group and being set a challenge often inspires me to get writing again especially if I haven’t written much lately.
  • Write blog posts. I’ve found taking part in this blogging challenge has motivated me to write something every day.
  • Try to write something every day – even if it’s only a few sentences.
  • Don’t let rejection or bad reviews get the best of you. You can’t please everyone.
  • Read for a while I often find this inspires me to get writing.
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