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K is for Killer Ending (A to Z Challenge)

To wrap up your novel it’s important to give readers a satisfying ending.

Here is a few tips:

  • The last battle in the story needs to be the biggest one. Your main character has to show they’ve learnt their lessons or overcome the challenges they have faced throughout the story.
  • All story threads need to be tied up before the ending. For example, if they have been looking for something they find it, if they have been in a will they, won’t they relationship with another character they should finally get together.
  • It should sound like a true ending. Like where the characters start a new life or are moving on to better things.
  • Your main character should have transformed in some way. They are have grown more powerful, receives full power or changed in some way.
  • Leave the reader with something to contemplate¬†and wonder what might happen in the next book.
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