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Facebook For Authors Page vs Profile

Facebook is a great social media platform for an author which allows them to engage in free promotional activities much as they like. Whether you want to mention a new book release or keep your followers up-to-date with pictures and information Facebook is the ideal platform.

What’s the difference between a profile and page?

Facebook profile – this is the personal account which someone uses to manage their Facebook. If you join a social network for socialising this is what you will be using. People can either add you as a friend or follow you.

Facebook page – a page is an area on the site dedicated to a particular subject such as an author, a celebrity or a business etc. People can ‘like’ the page to have posts appear on their newsfeed. Top of Form


The two may sound similar and that’s because they are. The main difference is a profile is designed for many different actions whereas pages are designed for fans to follow the chosen topic.

Which should you choose?

Both profiles and pages of good in their own ways, and whether you need an adaptable tool or one that’s purpose built it depends on what you need it for.

  1. Capability – either a profile or a page will allow you to post things to your Facebook followers. A profile has more features, but a page still has everything you need to promote your work.
  2. Simplicity – A profile is designed for all of Facebook’s capabilities from posting status updates and pictures, to playing games and sending private messages. It also has different privacy settings.

If you use a profile will have to decide whether you’re adding friends or allowing subscribers. People use Facebook to talk to friends may find it difficult in splitting a profile between personal and professional use.

Pages are very simple and easy to use. If you post something new, your followers will see it. Pages can be used alongside your Facebook profile which is good if you want a personal account and some separate for your business.

  1. Attracting followers – if you decide to be Facebook friends with your followers then you a more likely to attract them with a profile. Facebook is also a really good place to meet and interact with other authors.

Having a profile and subscribers or a page and followers will usually attract the same numbers of people. You can also invite friends to like your Facebook page.

  1. Pros

For a profile

There are few things that profile can do which page can’t do. Whenever someone at you as a friend they automatically become subscribe to your profile, meaning that even if you never respond to their request your posts will still appear in their newsfeed.

A profile would be good in some of these instances:

  • You’re new to social media.
  • You’re an unpublished author or don’t have much in the way of work.
  • You don’t intend to interact with your fans very much.
  • A profile has more personal interaction options.
  • More people may interact with your profile than they do on your page.

For a page:

Pages also offer a good insight into your books and your author platform.

Pages are good if:

  • You have privacy concerns.
  • You use a pen name.
  • You need to keep your personal profile and author self separate, for example if you are an erotica author.
  • You are an established author with a fan base already in place.
  • You’ve reached your 5000 friend limit.
  • You want to do a lot of advertising.
  1. Cons
  • Facebook profiles have a maximum limit of 5000 friends. After that you will be notified if someone sends you a friend request and could potentially lose followers this way.
  • You can change profiles can be changed into pages whenever you like and convert your friends into fans as you go. Pages can’t be converted to profiles.
  • Facebook often changes page settings which can make it harder for you to advertise and promote yourself.

In the end it really depends on the author and what Facebook can do for their needs. I have both a profile and a Facebook author page. I tend to post more personal things on my profile and use my page for writing and business things.

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