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Denai Bound Blog Tour: Guest Post and Excerpt

Welcome to the next stop on the Denai Bound Blog Tour! So where’s the tour bus headed today?


First off we’re over on the Bambi Unbridled Blog with a guest post I wrote 5 Tips For Writing Urban Fantasy. Originally published on Bambi Unbridled Blog.

Urban fantasy can sometimes be a genre that is hard to define. But it is usually a mix of fantasy set in an urban setting where fantastical things, mystical creatures and magic are brought into the real world. But what is needed to make your urban fantasy book stand out in a crowded market?

  1. The fantasy. The fantasy elements of your story are very important and have to be written carefully. If you go overboard your readers might not find the story believable. The idea is to write characters that your readers will actually find believable and can have an emotional connection to. Make them feel something for your character.
  2. The fantasy world. World building is one of the most important elements to think about. Will your world be one where magic is hidden or openly used? If it is hidden, then there would have to be a reason why. Magical elements often make up part of the fantasy world and magic is often used by characters. But the magical parts, from spells and potions to throwing fireballs all have to be explained. They can’t just come out of nowhere.
  3. Setting is an important element in an urban fantasy novel. A lot of them are set in the backdrop of large cities. Why? Because most of the time the magical world is hidden from the real world and a city can be the perfect place to hide. Saying that, there’s no reason why you can’t have an urban setting in a town or even a village.
  4. The story. Like any novel, urban fantasy stories need to have a plot. One great thing about this genre is that you can fit the plot into another genre such as mystery, suspense, horror, etc. Magic offers the opportunity to add mystery and suspense to your story.
  5. The characters. One great thing about urban fantasy is you can literally have your character be anything you want them to be. Be human, fairy, witch, vampire or some kind of other creature. This means most of your characters, if not all would be supernatural beings. That doesn’t mean your main character can’t be a human who suddenly ends up being caught in the supernatural world. The possibilities are literally endless.

Jen was also kind enough to post an exclusive excerpt from Denai Bound

We also headed over to Anna’s Book Blog for a spotlight post

Check back soon to see where the bus is heading next and don’t forget to check out the giveaway


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