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Amaranthine Chronicles Blog Tour Day 3: Excerpt From Betrayed By Blood

First up today on the blog tour is an exclusive excerpt from Betrayed By Blood.

Originally published on Maya The Book Explorer’s Blog

Excerpt from Betrayed By Blood

Kaylan pulled her coat tighter against the chill night air. Her cat, Iris, hissed as another gust of wind rolled over them. “Sorry, your highness,” Kaylan murmured, “but it’s not my fault that the transpo broke down. At least you’re nice and cosy in a basket and not dragging a cat and a suitcase with you.”

She stopped on the bridge and looked up at the glowing city lights. It was strange being back here; she couldn’t help but feel the sense of coming home. Kaylan couldn’t remember the last time she’d felt that way. Towers of steel and stone loomed overhead with the lights burning like bright stars. I am home. Strange, but I thought the view would have changed somehow. Just like my life changed the last time I was here.

Iris meowed as a shadow lunged out of the darkness. The carrier flew from her arm and Iris screeched. Kaylan hit the ground, hard and saw a flash of gold eyes. What the hell is that? she wondered as her attacker grabbed her by the throat. In the semi-darkness, the silhouette of a man dressed in a black uniform studded with silver buttons loomed over her, as his golden eyes bored into her. She caught the flash of fangs as talons dug into her throat.

Kaylan grappled with her assailant and yanked out one of her knives, drawing magic. At the edge of her mind, she felt another presence, and something hurtled towards the creature, dragging him away from her. She scrambled up, her knife flaring with power.

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