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7 More Ways To Beat The Block

After yesterday’s post, I was inspired to find more ways of defeating writer’s block. As a freelance writer, I don’t have time to wait around for inspiration to strike, but when it comes to my fiction writing I sometimes feel the dreaded block setting in.

  1. Try not to listen to the voice of your inner critic. If you do, you’ll probably never get anything done. Try to think positively and don’t be too critical of yourself when you’re writing. You can correct any mistakes or remove any unnecessary text by editing.
  2. Break your routine. If you’re staring at a blank screen or empty piece of paper, sitting in the same place and doing the same thing every day, it soon becomes boring.
  3. Try going to a different room or a different place; it may breathe new ideas back into your work. If you usually work on the computer, try writing with pen and paper instead. I often write things longhand before typing them up on computer as it gets me into the flow of things.
  4. Go somewhere you’re comfortable. I find sitting in my recliner, instead of at my desk is actually the best place for me to sit and curl up with my notebook or laptop.
  5. Don’t be afraid to talk to others. Bouncing ideas off other writers or just having a conversation with someone can be good. Whilst you can’t steal their ideas, having someone to talk does help.
  6. Join a writing group. Being around and talking to other writers a big source of inspiration, and being set an exercise to do whilst you’re there soon gets you writing.
  7. Eliminate distractions. These can be a writer’s biggest obstacle. Having your phone or computer announcing another email or that someone new is following you on twitter can easily interrupt your train of thought. So turn off the phone, disconnect the internet, and tell family members not to disturb you for a couple of hours.

What ways do you have of keeping the dreaded block at bay?

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2 thoughts on “7 More Ways To Beat The Block

  1. Haley

    These are all great additions to your list!!! You should make them all into a meme and put them on pinterest linked back to your page!

  2. tiffanyshand

    Great idea, but I’m not that Pinterest savvy. Thanks for commenting, I’ll check out your blog too – I’ve been ill all week and haven’t been able to read many.

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