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5 Productivity Tips For Writers

One of the hardest things for writers is actually finding time to write and get things done. I know it is for me, and you often feel useless when you don’t feel like not getting anything done. Setting up a schedule or setting deadlines for yourself can really help.

Here are 5 tips to help you become a more productive writer.

  1. Schedule time to write. I either use a planner or the calendar my phone to schedule time during the day when I want to get a specific thing done. Whether it be writing or revising chapters, writing articles or editing for my freelance clients, or working on my website. I find this is the best way to get things done.
  2. Try to write at a specific time every day. This can get you into a routine so you won’t procrastinate so much.
  3. Turn off distractions. Turn off things such as your phone, email and the Internet. These things will only distract you and interrupt your creative flow. Also, tell family members not to disturb you for a couple of hours. I put a sign on my door, which says: “Do not disturb. Writer at work”. It actually works!
  4. Keep a notebook with you all times. You could use your phone or another electronic device, but I find it easier keeping a notebook around and just jotting ideas down whenever they come to me.
  5. Reward yourself. Once you’ve accomplished something like writing 2000 words in one day, sit back and relax for a while. Have a bar chocolate or do something that you enjoy.

What tips do you have for being more productive?


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2 thoughts on “5 Productivity Tips For Writers

  1. Dora Moua

    I’ve recently found out about using a pomodoro timer. Meaning I solely focus on writing for 25 minutes & take 10 minutes to do something else (light chores, snack, meditate, etc) and back at it again for another 25 mins. I find is so helpful. Not only am I getting writing done. But I’m also able to squeeze little errands in between & it makes me feel like I’ve accomplished so much more. That break in between also gives me fresh ideas & I return to writing again with more inspiration to continue. Thanks for sharing your tips!

  2. Jeanette

    Great tips! I can definitely apply these to writing for my blog. The only thing that is hard for me is blocking out the time and closing the door. My little ones are very very demanding.
    One thing recently I tried and to my surprise worked wonderfully. I simply asked for help.A simple “Hey I am going to need 30 minutes uninterrupted can you keep the kids entertained” really works. He is like my human door tag, lol. Sometimes we simply need to let others in on our plans and goals. I am hoping that making it a team effort and scheduling time slots on my calender will help me stay focused and consistent. Thanks for sharing!!!

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