5 Lessons Learnt Between books 5 and 6

I always like to reflect on what I’ve learnt every time I release a book. After releasing three books and a box set over the past month, I can definitely say I’ve learnt a lot.

Here’s the 5 lessons I’ve learnt in between books 5 and 6.

  1. Building your author platform takes time. Building a proper solid author platform can take time and is something best created before you even start writing a book. I didn’t know what an author platform was when I first started out, but over the past year I have been working hard to start building a solid platform for myself.
  2. Sometimes you don’t sell books until you got a lot of them. I got very low sales with my first two books Denai Touch and Denai Bound. Regularly publishing work and having quite a few books definitely helps to increase sales.
  3. 3 Networking is important. One thing I’ve definitely learnt over my two-year publishing journey is that networking is very important and should something that shouldn’t be left until the last minute.
  4. Writing short books is a great way of increasing my backlist. After writing three short novellas, I found out that it is a great way of increasing my backlist. The amount of time it would take to write one novel, I could have written at least three novellas instead.
  5. 5 Writing becomes easier and harder. After writing several books, I’ve realised that writing becomes both easier and harder. It becomes easier because I have more experience and hopefully better practices writing novels. I also don’t have the same luxury I had with my first novel which was no pressure producing more books or wondering if my next series will be any good.

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